Fund Drive 2016


Dear Neighbors,

Fire Prevention Week is here again – October 9th through the 15th. This year’s Fire Prevention Theme is “Check your smoke/CO detectors and replace any that are older than 10 years.” Remember, older is not better when it comes to smoke detectors and saving lives.

Each year, the Wenonah Fire Company Fund Drive raises money to help fund the operation of the Fire Department. You may wonder how the Wenonah Fire Company uses your donation:

  • The Fire Company owns the building that houses the Borough’s fire trucks. Most of your donations are used to pay the mortgage and maintain the building
  • In addition, your donations support several other projects and activities:
    • Fire Prevention Week programs and activities at Wenonah School
    • Purchased pickup truck to carry personnel and equipment (donated to Borough)
    • Purchased/installed gas powered backup generator (donations plus Federal grant)
    • Replaced outdated firefighting equipment, e.g. SCBA, bunker gear (donations plus Federal grant)


NEW THIS YEAR! As an alternative to donating by cash or check, you can now securely donate online through PayPal.

****The Wenonah Fire Company is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.****

****Your donation is fully tax deductible.****